YouTube Channels

If you are looking for some inspiration or just a good chuckle, subscribe to any of the following comedy magic channels for your daily dose of laughter.

Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning is arguably one of the best popular magic comedy channels online, featuring more than 17 million subscribers to date. The hosts, Charles Lincoln and Rhett James McLaughlin, better known as Rhett & Link, are one fantastic duo passionate about bringing a range of live comedy performances to your screen.

Houdanny Comedy Magic

Dan Frischman streams his magic performances from this YouTube channel. Dan made his debut in the world of comedy magic more than a decade ago in the United States, and he has since captivated audiences across the country and the world. Follow his YouTube channel to learn all about his journeys in entertaining people around the world.


I’m Evan Era streams from the US. He is passionate about travelling the world to perform magic; entertaining passer’s wherever he goes. Evan is famous for his ‘’How To Magic’’ series as well as card tricks, pranks, and other entertaining videos. This family-friendly channel brings the art of magic comedy to your screen.

Scam School

Streaming from Austin, Texas, Scam School brings viewers a constant stream of cons, pranks, scams, barbets, and magic tricks performed live on the street. The host continually travels to bring people closer to the gags and entertainment. Follow weekly updates from Scam School online.


This educational channel was founded back in 2011. The channel is a free learning platform for aspiring musicians and comedians alike. Whether you want to learn the sleight-of-hand technique for premium magic tricks, make sure you stay tuned to 52Kards.

These YouTube channels will keep you entertained and glued to your screens. Learn more about the lifestyles of leading performing artists.