5 Tips for Performing On Stage Before A Live Audience

It is not under anyone’s belt to perform at a live event. You need a lot of charisma and confidence before getting on that stage. Here is great advice for readers who are performing live.

1. Arrive Early At The Venue

The early bird gets the worm when performing before hundreds or thousands of people. It shows the audience that you respect their time and prioritise their interests. A good first impression will make it easier to get everyone’s attention when you start to speak, sing, or play an instrument.

2. Engage the Audience

No matter how famous or unknown you are as an artist, it is customary in most cases to address the audience directly before you start with the performance.

Greet the people and say something nice about the town or city in which you are performing.

3. Use Social Media

The modern audience is always connected with social media. Selling yourself to an audience is partly about engaging with others in a language they understand.

Take pictures of the audience or with people from the audience to show that you appreciate and acknowledge their presence. People can then connect more with your show, adding value to your reputation.

4. Target Audience

Try to get a good understanding of the event audience before performing at the event. If you are performing at an event where the primary language is not English, you can learn a few words from the local community and share them with your audience.

Another part of understanding the event audience is figuring out what the audience is looking for and refining the performance to align with the audience’s interests.

You can watch YouTube videos about the city and venue where you are performing to learn more about the local culture.

5. Thank Your Audience

Simple gestures like facing the audience and bowing after a performance are customary. Make sure to keep your reactions to a minimum. If you miss a note or tumble on stage because you are distracted, it will definitely draw unwanted attention to your mistake.

You need a fine balance between thanking the audience and focusing on delivering a memorable performance.

These tips take practice, especially if you are new to performing live on stage. You can study top performances and learn more about Al Frescos Magic on this site.

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